The Green Farm in the outskirts of Strandja mountain

Close to Strandja mountain and right next to Poliana village, Poliana Green Farm is located in a picturesque region abundant with wild animals and plants. The closest large cities and industrial structures are many kilometers away.


With hands and heart

We prefer the handcraft, where possible, rather than the machine processing. The energy of the hand is the true one, it is different from that of the machine. We consider that this way the food is most delicious and with highest quality. In the course of producing our goods we use only natural ingredients.

How we produce

NO preservatives and additives

Once opened we recommend you keep our products in the refrigerator. Since they are natural and pure, free from preservatives, additives and all kind of “E-s” they do not last for months.

Free of preservatives

Clean, organic and biodynamic

We grow our herbs, grains and nuts in the outskirts of Strandja mountain. There and in the Balkans mountain we collect also wild herbs and fruits. No chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are being used since we consider them harmful for Health and Earth!


Forward to the Nature

In Poliana Green Farm we strive to work in harmony with nature and to show that the healthiest and most delicious foods are obtained by caring about and sparing the Earth…Our philosophy in life is “Forward to the Nature!”.

Healthy and harmonious

From Nature - with Love, to Nature - with respect and acknowledgement

Upon manufacturing our bio and natural products no chemicals are used, the soil processing is as minimum, as possible, the agricultural activities are with extensive character. Our priority is not high yield but the best possible product, obtained in partnership with the Nature. Our ultimate goal is to put the fruits, received from the nature into Genuine and Pure Food, made with Care and Love.

Our priorities

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Poliana Green Farm cultivates the most ancient varieties of grains like einkorn, emmer, black emmer, Khorasan, millet, old varieties of wheat, oats, rye, barley, and spelt. We cultivate also traditional herbs – lavender, rosa damascena, thyme, rosehip, salvia, yarrow, etc., from which we produce delicious and beneficial for the health tea. Our walnuts and almonds have an exquisite and delicate taste. Based on old, traditional recipes we handcraft jams and syrups from many of the herbs and fruits, cultivated or collected in the wild by us. Our rosehip jam is unrivaled! Our honey is only the pure nectar, collected by the bees… Our products are sold to a number of European countries.



We work with the couriers Speedy and Econt

Delivery with Speedy
Delivery to Speedy's office – 3.50 lv.
Delivery to a personal address - 4.50 lv
Express delivery with Speedy – 6.50 lv.

Delivery with Econt
Delivery to Econt's office – 3.50 лв.
Delivery to a personal address with Econt – 8.15 lv.
Express delivery to Sofia with Econt – 4.70 lv.
Express delivery to the country with Econt - 10.70 lv.